Chicago Fun and a Christmas in July Sale!

Hello Friends,

Oh boy.... I have NOT taken care of my little blog this summer...... poor thing has gotten so lonely and I feel badly about that....... I think I just burned myself out this past school year and I needed a re-boot in my life. I have been thoroughly enjoying no schedule, walking and exercising IN THE MORNING, and having a relatively clean house! I also am loving the fact that I can take some time to visit my kids and take a few trips! One change that I DID do this summer that I am not very happy with is that I cut my hair - REAL short...... I am trying to think of it as a re-boot of my hair; start all over with a new slate and grow it back again as soon as I can!

So... because it has been so long since I have posted, I am combining 2 posts into one......I am definitely joining in the fun with my friends at Blog Hoppin' with a Christmas in July sale and you can find the link for all our stores by clicking the image below. And while you are there, check out our new blog design - love it! The details of MY sale are at the end of this post! A HUGE thank you to Amy Lemons and Traci Clausen for the adorable sale images!!!!

So............I spent the most wonderful weekend with my daughter and my son. My son and I took the Amtrak train to Chicago and the 3 of us traveled all around the city on the subway. I have NEVER done this before, so I was totally out of my element BUT I had an awesome time and it was good that I stepped out of my safe box for awhile....

We did a really fun cooking class while we were in Chicago... It was all about creating Summer salads and healthy dressings. We had a blast!

You can't do Chicago without visiting Millennium Park! We attended an outdoor concert and then walked through the park the next day. 

This picture cracks me up! It was taken by my daughter. She was trying to get the tall buildings and my son and me in the picture.... guess when you have a tall son, this is what happens!

Yes... the hair definitely is going to be grown back - yep, I might be looking for hair extensions when it is time to go back to school!

Okay, now on to thinking about Back to School....... I have been working to make my store more user friendly. Last year, I revised TONS of my resources and this year, I am trying to work on organization.  I am still working on it, but I am HOPING that the items that you see listed below on this calendar will be easy to find with just one click.

The images below show the resources that will be on sale each day. Click the images and they will take you to the section of my store that is on sale for that day. Some items are listed to be on sale for 2 days. You can see on the calendar above which ones those will be. Please note that not every item in each section is on sale; just a select few...... Also, many of my resources are posted in more than one category, so you may see a resource listed in several links, but it will not be on sale more than one day. Also, you can find my newest resources that are on sale on July 23 as the featured items at the top of my store and on my  TPT store link at the top of this page. Hope that makes sense!

Until next time!


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