Christmas in July Day 6 - Literacy Center Packs

Hello Friends,

Today's sale is my Literacy Center packs. I don't have a lot of these because there are so many awesome sellers who create them, so my thought is why re-create the wheel when it is already there, right? But, I do have a few and here is why.......... Most of the time, my kiddos are repeating the same things in their Word Work centers; gaining stamina and increasing their skills from day to day. But sometimes, I like for the Word Work centers to be focused on a theme. But I usually only want a theme for a week; not a whole month, so I have created a few Word Work Centers that are short; either four or five in a packet. This gives my kiddos a break from the usual that doesn't take too long to finish.

I looked and looked for pictures showing my kiddos interacting with these centers, but could only find one and there are no kiddos in it..... This is from my "Five Fabulous Scarecrow Literacy Centers" pack...... That's all I could find......... so sad........ 

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