Christmas in July Sale - July 23 New Summer Resources

Hello Friends!

I love creating resources to share! It brings me much joy and satisfaction to create something that others can use with their own students. BUT..... it does take time to create something that is useable for someone other than me! All the resources that I share are ones that I create and test on my own kiddos.  All in all, between creation and testing, it takes at least 70 hours to get one of my resources "TPT" ready! Whew! But it is something that I truly enjoy and am so happy when someone lets me know that their students enjoyed one of my resources!

So.... this summer, I created 3 brand new resources. I also continue to update all my products and hope that if you have purchased any of my packets that you check your purchase page and download the updates! The 3 NEW resources for this summer were created by request. One was an "Ocean - Let's Make a Book." This pack was difficult for me to write because I live in central Illinois and am THOUSANDS of miles away from an ocean! This meant that I had to do tons of research before I wrote this pack. I checked books out from the library, watched Ocean you tube videos as well as Ocean documentaries, and asked questions to people who actually live next to the ocean. After absorbing all this information, I wrote an Ocean draft packet that I used with my students this spring. THEN, this summer, I revised what didn't work, kept what did, and made a final copy.

Because there are many Ocean resources to choose from, I decided to make mine a bit different and concentrate on the LAYERS of the ocean. My kiddos created their book from 12" x 18" construction paper; adding animals and words to each page that represented an ocean layer. It was great fun! We actually visited the web cam of the Monterey Bay aquarium each day of our Ocean study.

Here are some pictures from our "sloppy" copy trial run...... I actually changed this, but you can get the idea as to how the book works from this photo.

Another resource I created this summer was made "by request." If you read my blog, you know that I love to garden, so I put together some fun things to do with kids in a school garden OR if you don't have a school garden, you can use the schoolyard. I actually am posting on Blog Hoppin later today about how to use a school garden that you can read HERE. There is also a freebie you can grab while you are there, too!

Lastly, I have been doing alphabet books with my kiddos since I began teaching kindergarten - that has been many years! My kids have always created something from paper that matched an initial alphabet letter. I FINALLY put it all together and created something that is easy to use and encourages independence in kids. 

I wrote about this packet earlier in the summer. You can find that post HERE. You will have to scroll down a bit to find it because it is a Five for Friday post. :)

All these resources are on sale today only.... To find them, click the image below....

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