Day 5 Christmas in July - Math "Let's Make a Book"

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Today's sale is my math "Let's Make a Book" packs. This sale is one day only - Saturday, July 19.

This is from "Shapes Can Be Many Things"...... We discuss how we can see shapes in everyday things; sometimes looking for shapes in the classroom and sometimes in the schoolyard. I actually do this unit early in the school year to get my kiddos trained to create their "Let's Make a Book" illustrations with shapes!

In "3D Shapes in My World", kids do not really create a book; instead they create 3D shapes upon a base that they take home each day.

Finally, when I wrote "Fractions for Little Kids", the Common Core had not come to our school, so I was still teaching fractions in kindergarten. Last year, we did not teach fractions and I really missed it because this is such a fun unit to teach. I loosely based it upon the book "Eating Fractions" by Bruce McMillan. Each day, we focused on a fractional part and then cut real food into fractional parts. Then we used paper to re-create our food in our book - so fun!

So that's it for Day 5! Click the link below to take you to the sale!

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