A Day that Did not Involve Planning, Laminating, or Printing..... and a Repeat of Baker Tens Frames freebie

Hello Friends,

I absolutely love my profession, but it is soooo nice for it to be a Sunday night and I am not worrying about lesson plans, laminating, or making copies! Instead, I cooked and baked....... 
put finishing touches on our Christmas tree......

and decorated the fireplace......

It was very relaxing to do and think about things that did not involve planning the days for my 15 sweeties!

I am sure that many of you are at the place I am at now; finishing up last minute holiday tasks and thoughts of activities for your kiddos are pushed down for a well deserved break.... but if you ARE like me, you also file away ideas for next year or for something that can be adapted for when we return in January.

So.... even though I shared this craftivity last year, I thought I would recycle the idea and share it again. I do it at Christmas time, but it can easily be adapted for any time that you wish to do it. Simply change the background paper to a color that is not related to Christmas. We actually take 2 days to do this activity. On the first day, my kids make the baker and then on the second day, they do the ten frames. I attach a post-it to their poster before they do their ten frames because I give them sticker dots to add to the second frame and they LOVE sticker dots! I write a number between 3 and 10 on the post-it to let them know how many extra cookies their baker baked. If I did not do this, they ALL would add TEN sticker dots to their ten frames and that defeats the learning when they are shared! :)

 Click the image below to take you to the Baker Tens Frame freebie in my store....


This pairs up nicely with my HOW SWEET IT IS Math Subitizing Games which has a cookie theme. My kiddos love these games. In fact, these games are out for Math Choice time and they are a common favorite for many kiddos.

So, that's it for now, my friends..... I plan to take a few days spending time with my family and enjoying this wonderful season with the loves of my life. I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

Until next time!


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