Advent wreaths, elves, generosity bulletin board, and Please......... Mr. Sun - Return to Central Illinois!

Hello Friends,
Doesn't December just fly by? I cannot believe that we only have 2 weeks before Christmas break! Besides the busy things to do at school, there are also many things to do at home! Whew - My co-teacher and I keep telling each other... "One thing at a time. Don't get stressed. It will all get done..... " So... anyway, here are a few things going on in my classroom.......

1.  I LOVE this bulletin board! It is in our main hallway and is so welcoming as we walk into the school. In our school, each grade level takes a month and does this bulletin board. Kindergarten had December. All our kinders colored a gift and added a paper heart to it. There's something about kindergarten work...... no matter what they do, it always adorable! The gifts are from Graphics From the Pond. You can find them HERE.

 2.  Do you make Advent wreaths with your students or your kids? I have been making them with my kiddos for years. This year, my kids used a glue wash to add tissue paper to paper cups turned upside down and hot glued to the top of a Chinette paper plate. Before attaching the cups, my kinders painted the plate. They used green tissue paper to add to the outside edge. The pictures do not really show how cute they turned out!

 3.  We visited the Netherlands on our Christmas Around the World trip! These little wooden shoes turned out cute! 

4.  Our Kindness Elves arrived yesterday! I can't wait for them to visit our classroom next week. My kiddos definitely need a jolt of kindness! I am using Erica Bohrer's kindness notes. You can find them HERE

5.  Finally....... An Open Letter to the Sun...... Dear Mr. Sun, I miss you.... When are you going to return to Central Illinois? I am a happy person when you are around... Please return, Mr. Sun..... These cloudy days are not fun!

Until next time! 



  1. I love your kindness elves! Where did you get them?

  2. I ordered them from Amazon... Here is the link:

    I have Prime, so they came pretty fast!

    Hope this helped!