First Day of Christmas Around the World and our Cookie Math Tub Games

Hello Friends,

We started our Christmas Around the World unit today and I just had to share these really cute suitcase pages that my kiddos did....... We discussed the things that we need to pack when we take a trip. We talked about what we NEED compared to what we WANT. We discussed why we USUALLY do not have to bring our dishes or food with us; although, many of my kinders insisted that food was important because their Mommies usually bring snacks in their bags when they are traveling! So, I told them that we would focus on what goes in the SUITCASE; not the travel bag!
I gave my kinders the choice as to whether they used a pattern to trace around to make their clothes or use their own ideas. Most of them chose to use a tracer..... Even though I usually do not give many patterns, I did for this one because clothes actually are hard to draw....

Tomorrow, we talk about passports and hopefully, head off to the Netherlands!

Here is what we are doing for Math tubs this week... I have 4 groups and my kids are grouped into partners within their group. Each partner pair plays the Math game inside the tub and then they are allowed to choose a Math By Myself box....

1.  What is that number? My kiddos sorted cookie cards printed with different ways to write a number (tally marks, tens/ones, ten frames, dot on dice) into their proper cookie jars.

 2.  Cookie Bump - An oldie, but goodie favorite with a cookie theme!

3.  Cookies and Milk, Yum, yum, yum...... My kiddos collect cookie tokens as they use a spinner that shows various ways to read numbers from 1 - 5.

 4.  This is another oldie, but goodie.... 5 in a Row Wins! These cards show numbers in various styles and my kiddos toss a die to look for numbers on their card. 

 Hope you had a good day back after Thanksgiving break! My kiddos were amazing today!

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Until next time!


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