Alphabet Book and an ABC Step by Step Freebie

Hello Friends,

 One unit that we do all year is our Alphabet Book and More.....I cannot tell you how excited I get this time of year when I see how well my kiddos are doing on their book! Besides knowing the sounds of the letters, they are able to blend and recognize sight words AND the pictures that they create for their alphabet book are absolutely adorable! 

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I am not a teacher who gives her students a lot of patterns. I truly believe that the knowledge that kids are required to learn is retained and cemented when they are actually creating something themselves rather than tracing a shape. Early in the year, I give them plenty of practice creating shapes; both drawing and then creating from paper. 

Here are some examples of the quail that they made just yesterday. 

First I projected the step by step directions upon my Promethean. We discussed the steps and then I gave them paper and they created. Yesterday was the first day that they followed the steps entirely by themselves with no directions. They actually cheered when I told them I wanted them to create their quail with no help from me! (I love kinders!) :)

Okay.... so here are the step by step directions for the quail.....
Click the image above to get the step by step directions for the quail. Click HERE to take you to a tutorial that explains how to open a Google doc if you experience difficulties. 

Here are their adorable pictures....

This little girl came to me later in the year and missed much of the practice for creating shapes out of paper. Many tears were shed when she first started because the rest of my kiddos were becoming pros in their creations. But she persevered and look what she did yesterday! What a proud girl she was yesterday!

If you are interested in my ABC's and More pack, click the image below to take you there!

So, Happy February my Friends!

Until next time!