Martin Luther King, Jr. for Young Children - Freebie

Hello Friends,

I took a walk down our halls today and thought I would share some of the Martin Luther King, Jr./peaceful activities I found.....

This is what kindergarten did this week...... 

 (If you would like the PDF for these words, click HERE. )

I saw these down our first grade hall.....

(The link to the image above can be found HERE. )

This is a bulletin board I saw. The kids each wrote a way in which they could try to be a peaceful kid. 
Our Third Grade did these puzzle portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. They had to work together to form the puzzle.

And.... this is something that I did NOT see on my walk today, but something that I love to do this time of year....... hopefully, I will get to this next week! It is based on the book "The Color of Us" by Karen Katz.

So..... that is what I saw on my walk through the halls today and I leave you with these words............

 Love one another, forgive, and most of all, accept and cherish our differences!

Until next time!



  1. I love these, Cindy! Thanks for taking the time to take these pictures so that we can see what other schools and grade levels do. Enjoy your weekend! Linda Groce lindaslearningloot

  2. Sometimes we get so busy with our classrooms that we don't notice that there is some really good learning going on down the hall... I am glad you enjoyed this post, Linda! Thanks for commenting!