Walking through the Halls..... Sharing Some Martin Luther King activities from our School

Hello Friends,

I took a walk down our halls today and thought I would share some of the Martin Luther King, Jr./peaceful activities I found.....

This is what kindergarten did this week...... 

 (If you would like the PDF for these words, click HERE. )

I saw these down our first grade hall.....

(The link to the image above can be found HERE. )

This is a bulletin board I saw. The kids each wrote a way in which they could try to be a peaceful kid. 
Our Third Grade did these puzzle portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. They had to work together to form the puzzle.

And.... this is something that I did NOT see on my walk today, but something that I love to do this time of year....... hopefully, I will get to this next week! It is based on the book "The Color of Us" by Karen Katz.



So..... that is what I saw on my walk through the halls today and I leave you with these words............

 Love one another, forgive, and most of all, accept and cherish our differences!

Until next time!