Snowy Day Crafts for Young Children

Hello Friends,

I thought that I would share with you a few snowy day activities to do with your students..

A Snowy day neighborhood using construction paper and white paint - See the photo above and below.

 Snowy day kids using construction paper, shaving cream and glue, and diamond dust glitte

 Patchwork snowman using construction paper, buttons, fabric scraps, and white paint.

One of my favorite ideas is to bundle up my kiddos, give them a black piece of construction paper, and bring them outside when the snow is falling. The snowflakes fall on the paper and the kids can see their shapes! It is so much fun listening to their astonishment when seeing that snowflakes really do look like the paper ones they make in the classroom!

When you bring them back to the classroom, give them white paper to create paper snowflakes and then write about what they observed and learned about snowflakes.

Another fun and easy snow activity is to scoop up bowls of snow, give your kiddos a thermometer, and let them watch the temperature drop!

Until next time!




  1. Cindy...I love love love the black houses with yellow windows! The colors are perfect! Try this free little gadget to have your kids create snowflakes. Your ideas are perfect for all the snow and the winter that doesn't seem to want to end.

    Terri Izatt

    1. I KNOW, Terri! I thought last year's winter was long, but this one seems to be a huge rival to it! Thank you for the link to the snowflakes! Sounds fun!!

      Thanks for commenting!