Fun Valentine Draw, Write, Create Freebie

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share with you a fun Valentine Draw and Write activity that I do with my students every year.  It includes a little bit of artistic creation, fine motor practice, counting, and writing! What more could you want? :)

First we review the step by step directions.

Then we look at the recording sheet. I tell my students to create their animal upon the sheet. Upon completion, they are to write the name of their animal and then count the hearts they used to create their animal and write that number upon their recording sheet. This is TOTALLY independent work in my class, but it could easily be a directed drawing lesson!

Voila! A cute and easy LEARNING activity for your little ones!

If you would like the Google doc for this freebie, click HERE.
(If you have difficulty downloading this Google doc, try the tips found HERE in this tutorial.) 

Here is how I teach my kinders to draw a heart:

If you would like more step by step directions for creating heart animals, click the image below to take you to my TPT store!
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