Quick Valentine (Love) Writing Activity - Freebie

Hello Friends!

I know that we celebrated Valentine's Day last week and are well on our way to other things, but I thought I would still share this quick and easy Valentine/Love writing activity. 

I printed the writing sheet and stapled it to white construction paper. I then told my kiddos that they were to SKETCH at least 4 things on the other side of the paper that either had hearts on them OR were something that they love. After sketching their pictures, they were then to write at least 4 sentences that told about their picture. I always love this time of year because I start to see so much progress in their learning! 

 This little guy is one of my ESL kiddos and I am so proud of what he can do! Even though he wrote the word see as "c", you can tell that he is getting the idea! His sentences match his picture and he has periods at the end of each sentence! Yay! (I will admit that he had my Thursday helper sitting with him, but still... this is great, I think!)

If you would like to try this simple little writing activity, click HERE to download a Google doc.

If you trouble opening the Google Doc, click HERE for a tutorial that may help you open it!

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