Tips To a Kindergarten Teacher FROM a Kindergarten Teacher

 Hello Friends,
I am linking up with Mary at Sharing Kindergarten with helpful tips for  kindergarten teachers. Mary shared some really wonderful tips on her blog and I am adding a few of my own.....


I truly believe that a kindergarten kid is up for anything that you ask him/her to do. The biggest hurdle you have, though, is making sure that you prepare them for the task. Discussing and practicing a tough task are keys to making sure that your kinders feel success in what they encounter.


Kindergarten kids love and need a schedule. Just as I wrote above that they can do anything, they do it best when they know what is happening and when an activity will begin and end. Kindergarten kids AND their teachers crave order!


This is such an important thing to remember! Kindergarten kids are still LITTLE and little kids learn by doing. Give them paint and glue, glitter, Play Dough,  tape,  crayons and feathers... the list goes on and on. Let them get gooey and sticky and messy. Kindergarten kids need to see, hear, and touch their learning experiences. They NEED to create because it is through creating that they learn.


I am so blessed to teach in a school that allows our kindergarten kids the opportunity to play. Play has been taken out of so many kindergarten classes and it is not a positive move. If you are a kindergarten teacher, give your kids play time everyday. It is through play that our little ones learn how the world works. When play is taken away, our kinders have no place in which to understand how to co-exist in a world that can seem giant and scary. Play gives our kids the confidence to engage others in conversation, share supplies, and accept the differences of others.

So, those are a few tips from me to help make your kindergarten year successful. Click the images below to read some awesome and helpful tips from really amazing kindergarten teachers!

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  1. I love your tips! As a kindergarten teacher for many years, I agree with all of them. Just curious... when do you schedule your play time?

    1. Hi Lee Ann!
      We schedule our play as soon as they enter the classroom. We have found that if we do this, they are not always asking "Is it time to play yet?" Our first bell is at 7:50 a.m., but announcements are not until 8:03 a.m., so after hanging up coats and backpacks, they are allowed to pick out one toy or puzzle to do until morning announcements. After announcements, we give them another 10 or 15 minutes to play and THEN, they are ready for morning meeting and literacy centers! Hope this helps!