A Few Back to School Freebies for You!

Hello Friends,

It's back to school time and I thought that I would share a few freebies that might be useful for your Back to School set up.

I use this resource EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Using these Yes and No question cards are such a fun icebreaker to use for those first few days of school.


There are 32 cards that can be used for an ice breaker game or discussion partners. Here are a few samples of the questions.

These cards can be hung up in the classroom for a large group game. When a question is asked, children simple go to the "Yes" or "No" card sorting themselves into two groups.

This is a Math game that I created a few years ago. It's an easy Apple Matching game.


 This is a simple little birthday/month line that works for classrooms with limited space.

There is also a simple birthday ALL ABOUT ME page included that can be completed independently even by our youngest students. 

So,  that's it for now. I hope that you can find something in these free resources that will help make the beginning of school easier!

Until next time!


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