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A Few Back to School Freebies for You!

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share a few Back to School freebies with you..... The first one is an eBook that I was blessed to have been asked to host. Included in this book are ideas from 50 PreK and Kindergarten teachers sharing with your their Back to School freebies. When you click the image, it will take you to my store where you will be able to download FIFTY Back to School resources. They have also given you a Back to School tip to help you get back in the groove of school again!

I use this resource EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Using these Yes and No question cards are such a fun icebreaker to use for those first few days of school.

This is a Math game that I created a few years ago. It's an easy Apple Matching game.

This one is kind of a silly one. Our kiddos bring in their supplies when they meet the teacher, so to make this time fun with the adult who brings them in, I have them to do a classroom scavenger hunt. Even if you do not use the scavenger hunt, this freebie has some nice supply labels for you to use.

 Finally, this is my freebie that is included in the Back to School ebook above.

So,  that's it for now. I hope that you can find something in these free resources that will help make the beginning of school easier!

Until next time!


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