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Back to School Sale!

Hello Friends!

It is nearing that time again - Back to School! And what better way to start your preparations than to find some really awesome deals at TPT's Back to School sale!

Here are a few of my favorite Back to School resources.....

We introduce letters alphabetically and the kids create an alphabet book that becomes a really cute keepsake that the kids can read all summer long. We introduce both the name and the letter. We also introduce whether the letter is a consonant or a vowel. We introduce all these skills at the beginning of the year and practice, practice, practice them all year. We discuss long vowel sounds, double letters, and digraphs. As each letter or letter combination is introduced, the children create a picture for each letter using step by step directions. I start the year doing each step with the kids, but by the end of the year, all I have to do is display the step by step poster and they can create their page independently.  Here are a few examples of kid made work:

Here are a couple of double vowel examples:

 Respect is a character trait that we introduce early in the school year. I love using "Respect for Little Kids"  to teach this important concept.

Shapes are another skill that we teach at the beginning of the year. My kiddos create a booklet for each "kindergarten" shape that is introduced. I like using this book because the booklet that they create is also an easy reader. As with most of my resources, a full color teacher's read aloud is used as an introduction to each shape.

My newest resource is one that I will be using later in the Fall when we begin to talk about how leaves and animals prepare for winter. I am really excited about this unit! It definitely was a labor of love!

This one is hot off the press and I am looking forward to getting it up in my classroom!

Because I teach in A Catholic School, we begin the year discussing our families as well as God's family. I use this resource when teaching that unit.

 So... that's brief synopsis of a few resources in my store. Everything will be 20% off during the TPT sale. Don't forget to add the promotional code BTS15 when checking out!

Also, if you click the image below, you will be taken to the stores of my friends at Blog Hoppin'.

Happy shopping and happy Back to School!

Until next time!


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