Pirate Craft

Hello Friends,
My husband greeted me this morning with a "Arghh, How you be, me Matey?" What? Oh yeah.... it's talk like a pirate day! I am sure that I will be hearing "pirate" words all day from my family! When my kids were little, this was such a fun day for my husband and kids. They even dressed the part when they were younger! Those days are over now, BUT it is still fun to do "piratey" things with my kinders. I have been doing directed drawing and step by step creations since WAY before it became the buzz word in kindergarten land. Step by step drawing is when you give your kiddos a plan for creation of a person, animal, or object with NO patterns or templates in which to trace. The pictures always turn out differently in both size and form. No art talent is required for these projects! I have had so many teachers thank me over the years for giving them a plan for drawing or creating from paper. Here are some examples of pirates from some of my former students using step by step illustrations... Honestly.... could they be any cuter? (These photos are from the END of kindergarten! It's perfect right now for first and early second grades, though!) Because I have my kiddos try some pirate writing, it can easily be added to any writing curriculum or standard. Some years, I have added this to my Mapping unit, too!

If you are interested in this activity, you can find it by clicking the image below.

Until next time!