Friday Randomness - Shoes, shopping, and cute kid photos

Hello Friends,

We had an in-service today and had one of those unexpected FUN things happen - Our in-service ended early and they dismissed us! Wow! This does NOT happen often... It was such a nice surprise... so instead of using the time to get things done, my friend and I took off and drove to one of our favorite malls that was 45 minutes away and shopped! Now, friends, I am NOT a spontaneous person. I am a planner. So, making the decision to get in the car and drive away on an UNPLANNED trip is a BIG deal for me. It was fun, though... I purchased ANOTHER pair of shoes... How many flats does a person need? This is the THIRD pair of these type of shoes that I have purchased since school started. I love them, though. My feet feel like they are walking on air!

I also bought this cute shirt. I knew I loved it as soon as I tried it on!

I came across this cute picture that I took of one of my students reading a butterfly book to our butterfly. You just gotta love kindergarten kids!
Here is a shot of our apple season murals.... cute as always....

Finally, I know that I said I was not going to post anymore nature shots for awhile, but I could not resist! My new camera just keeps calling my name to try it out!

Until next time!


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