Teacher Week - My Favorite Subject - SCIENCE!

Hello Friends,
Today at Blog Hoppin', we are showcasing our FAVORITE SUBJECT.... It is really hard to narrow it down to one specific subject because I actually enjoy everything that I teach BUT,  I guess when you get down to it, my MOST favorite subject to teach is SCIENCE... I think I enjoy it because kids are so curious about their world and it feels good to be able to share with them ways in which to explore it. Our Science curriculum is called "Exploring Our World." It is not a curriculum series that we purchased. Instead, our kinder team worked together to create units that are kid friendly and supportive of basic Early Science principals. 

I started to explore STEM activities last year and my kids had a blast when we were doing them. Our principal has made it a goal for us to learn about STEM, but we are actually calling it STEAM in our school (Science Technology Engineering ARTS Math). Last year, my kiddos did the Cup Challenge. I am not sure if we did it EXACTLY right, but it WAS fun and they did learn a bit about Engineering.

Some of my boys took what they learned and created a building in the block center.....

This is a STEM activity that I created myself....  The kids worked together in partners. Each group was given a tub of water - the LAKE - and a piece of aluminum foil. They were to create a boat from the aluminum foil and float it on top of the water. Then, using pennies to represent people, they decided how many people would be able to be on their boat before it sunk. This was a great way to explain CAPACITY and why elevators and boats have to display signs to keep people safe.

Because we use the acronym STEAM, I try to add art to as many science projects as I can. When we are in our Apple and Seasons unit, the kids work in groups to paint large murals of the seasons of an apple tree.


They create booklets from paper that depict life cycles......


 ....... gravity and space........
 and ocean layers.


They are assigned an animal to research and then after writing a simple report on their animal, create the animal from paper mache. We use our 8th grade buddies to help us with this BIG project!

Another project that my kiddos enjoy is Using our Senses to Explore Popcorn!

We make 3D representations of insects....

and of course, explore insects, plants, and Monarch butterflies in our school garden!


I could go on and on about all the fun things I enjoy teaching in Science, but I am going to stop now. You don't need fancy things to get kids excited about their world! One of the most important things we can do for our kids is to instill in them an appreciation for the space in which we all live. Once they gain this, they are on their way to becoming adults who become good stewards of our strong and precious Earth!

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