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Owls, Bats, Veteran's Day, Native Americans, too many leaves, and oh, yes Five For Friday!

Hello Friends,
Finally..... report cards and parent teacher conferences are over for awhile! Yay! Between Halloween, conferences, and just plain LIFE, time becomes limited and precious. Yesterday, we taught from 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and then had conferences from 12:15 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. It is a very, very long day BUT the reward is TODAY! Our school gives us today as a bonus for our long day yesterday and I am determined to NOT waste it... Luckily it has been a beautiful fall day and such a joyous day to be alive. I thought that I would take a quick break from my outside work and join Kacey for a Five for Friday post and then continue on with my day before I lose the sunlight.... :)

1.  We did our bat/owl compare and contrast project this week. I really love this project because we do more than just a cut and paste activity. The kids create a 3D owl and bat which REALLY cements the idea that owls have feathers and bats have fur because they glue these items upon their 3D animals. They also create a paper owl and bat as well as a Venn diagram. We read tons of books about owls and bats which gives them a great foundation for creating their owl/bat projects.

 Their 3D owl and bat is created from a Styrofoam ball glued upon an upside down cup. Details are added with tacky glue. The wings are traced upon foam and glued to the back of the cup.
 If you would like the Venn diagram activity, you can find it HERE as a google doc. The templates for the owl and bat are found in my Fall is Here Winter is Near packet which you can find by clicking the images below.

2.  We will be honoring Veterans all day on Wednesday. We DO have school on Veteran's Day. We spend the day learning about our military as well as participating in an all school Veterans' day ceremony. Our kindergarten will be making this Veteran's Day book.

This Veteran's Day activity can be found by clicking the link below....
3.  We also will be starting our Native American unit next week. I know that many teachers and schools do not feel that teaching this unit is politically correct. But I disagree. If we stop teaching children about American Indians of the past, we will lose that part of our history and I think that would be tragic. I strongly feel that young children can be taught about native people in an empathetic and caring way. Instead of lumping all native people into one group, I use the words "some", "most", and "a few" when introducing concepts. We mainly concentrate on native houses and crafts. For a tipi, we use tortilla shells and use markers to decorate with early writing. The house is secured with a toothpick and placed over a paper cup to dry. They are VERY fragile and do not last long, but I haven't found anything better and reasonably priced that has the look and feel of what American Indian tribes used to create their tipis.

 4.  I have made 3D pueblos with my students in the past, but it involves too many steps and is a bit expensive, so they draw their houses instead.....

If you are interested in my Native American packet, you can find it by clicking the image below.

5. And finally........for those of you who wish for seasons..... I thought I would share with you a reason for why seasons are not always so much fun.... We have two beautiful trees in our front yard, but in the fall when they drop their leaves.....ugh.... They are WORK and that's what I did early this morning... raked and raked and raked... then bagged them all up. I have to say that the bagging is the worst BUT it's done... at least for awhile!

 Here's my son's puppy.... yep, she's a puppy... She's a 5 month old pure bred German Shepherd. Sweet as sweet could be, but wow, she is going to be big! We were shocked that she slowed down enough to take a photo with me..... :)

So, that's it for now... Make sure that you visit Doodle Bugs Five For Friday post by clicking the image below.
Until next time!



  1. I love the idea of using tortilla shells for tipis! We are planning on talking about Veteran's Day this week too. I love the look of leaves turning colors, but I hate raking them. We spent all last Saturday afternoon raking our leaves, but at least it's mostly done!

    1. If you use the tortilla shells, remember that they are VERY fragile and are not made for long term! Hopefully you are finished with raking!

      Take care!