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The MINDFUL EATING Challenge! Week One....

Hello Friends,
Yes, it has been a LONG time since I have blogged...  I noticed about a month ago as I was perusing through my blog, that I seemed to be posting the same things from year to year and decided that I was going to TRY to come up with some new and different posts from now on. The hard part, though, is coming up with new ideas because even though the approach I use with each class is different, I still do a lot of the same projects and themes each year.... so I have been struggling with coming up with a way to share projects and activities that I have shared in the past and coming up with new and fresh ideas!

One link up that I AM going to blog about is the Mindful Eating Challenge hosted by Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants. The challenge is to get through the holidays using healthy eating and exercise as the stimulus to not overeat or hate yourself in January. This is definitely the challenge for me! I have a tendency to think that I am still 20 years old over the holidays and eat the way I did back then. As I have aged, I have noticed that I have to be SUPER careful eating foods with sugar and starches in them. I have always said that I can live without sweets and I CAN. I can go forever without the craving for candy or cookies or cake or ice cream... BUT.... if I DO have a bite of something sweet, I completely fall off the wagon and binge until it is gone.... sigh.... I also have a HUGE challenge with chips, crackers, dip, cheese..... I DO crave salty snacks, so avoiding these foods is my biggest challenge. I haven't had a french fry for over THREE years!  I fear, though, that  I will ALWAYS crave a good French Fry.....

I worked with a health coach this spring and summer and she helped me so much! I have always had trouble drinking water. I gave up soda years ago and replaced it what I thought was healthy flavored sparkling water. Come to find out the brand of water I was drinking was flavored with aspartame which stimulated my brain to crave sweet foods AND is not a healthy chemical to add to my diet. So.... she convinced me to try unsweetened flavored sparkling water  and La Croix has become my number one go to drink. My brother-in-law also gave me an infuser for my birthday and I have come to enjoy plain water flavored with fresh fruit. It's true what they say - water DOES play a HUGE role in eating and staying healthy.

 I have lost 15 pounds since March. I know that is not a huge amount of weight, but I feel good about what I am doing. I know I could be better. I still crave popcorn - and I am talking INSANELY crave popcorn. When I allow myself to have popcorn, I pop it myself - no microwave bags; just popcorn and a little oil. I have learned to enjoy popcorn this way and it is my go to snack when I start to fall off the wagon!

One thing that I have done with photos of me in the past, is crop the "bottom" part of me off because I was so ashamed of how I looked from my neck down! Well... after I lost those 15 pounds, I have started to feel better about myself and how I look. So, here is a recent photo of me from head to toe in my classroom! (I know, I know... it looks like the umbrella is growing out of my head!) I still have a ways to go, but I am HAPPY with myself right now and THAT is why I am for Rachelle's challenge!

Here is my plan for Thanksgiving....

1.  Ride my exercise bike when I get up.
2.  Eat my usual bowl of cereal and fruit for breakfast. My kids will be home on Thursday morning and they have asked me to make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I plan to eat MY breakfast first so that I will not be tempted to eat "just one bite" of the rolls when they are all sitting around the table!
3.  Eat some fruit and carrot/celery sticks BEFORE Thanksgiving lunch/dinner.
4.  Drink lots of water!
5.  Take small helpings of the foods I love and NOT go back for seconds.
6.  Have one glass of wine and savor it.
7.  My gym is closed on Friday, so I plan to ride my exercise bike again on Friday morning and use my bands for strength training for my arms.

So... that's it for now, my friends! Click Rachelle's link at the beginning of this post or HERE to go to Rachelle's link up and if you have a blog, link up yourself!

I wish you all a HEALTHY Thanksgiving!


1 comment:

  1. Oh I loved your post!!!

    I'm glad your health coach told you about LaCroix! It's yummy if you need that little fizzzz in your life!

    Thanks for linking up!!!!