A Happy New Year's Freebie

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share a Happy New Year freebie with you. It's quick, no prep, and gives our little ones a chance to think grown-up thoughts. The word RESOLUTION is a BIG word that little kids can learn. Many adults make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or save money. These are things that little kids really do not think about BUT they CAN think about how they can be better at sharing, cleaning up, or being kinder to others. It's a great way to get kids thinking about and reviewing classroom rules and behavior after the long winter break. Happy New Year's, my friends! Enjoy this freebie!
The image above will take you to my TPT store to download the freebie. The image below will take you to a google doc. Hope one of them will work for you!  

Until next time! Happy New Year!



  1. Hi! My school district has blocked TPT...is there a way you could post this Freebie on your blog? They've even blocked it on our home networks somehow...

    1. Well, that makes me really sad..... I have edited this post and added a link to a google doc. There are a lot of districts that block google doc downloads, too, so that might not work for you, either. Since it is a freebie, you can email me with your personal email address and I can send it to you as an attachment. kinderkay1921@gmail.com


    2. Thank you so much!! It's such a pain! I guess I need a personal computer of some sorts now...