Christmas Nativity Craft, Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses, Reindeer in the Window, and Five For Friday!

Hello Friends,
It's Five For Friday on a Saturday and I thought I would share some of the Christmas fun that we have been doing at school. Many are repeats of what we do each year, but they continue to be exciting and fun for my kinders!

1.  This is one of my favorite kindergarten projects. I am lucky to teach in a Catholic school so that I can make these. They are simply cups turned upside down with a painted Styrofoam ball hot glued to the bottom. Add features and details with glue and fun stuff and you have an adorable Nativity.

I change them from year to year (to keep it fun for ME - wink). Here is a photo from what the kids are currently doing. This year we made Baby Jesus' manger with a cupcake wrapper and a piece of paper towel roll.

If you would like more detailed directions for how to do this Nativity, you can find them HERE.

2.  As part of our CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD unit,  we make 3D gingerbread houses. They are the traditional kindergarten graham crackers hot glued to milk cartons. We do them as an entire kindergarten which means that we drag our tables into our hallway, set them up for the kids while they are watching a Christmas movie and then bring them back out into the hall to decorate their houses. We have parent volunteers come in to help which makes set up easy! So much fun!

 3.  For the past few years, we have made these cute elves. The idea is from Deanna Jump's ELFCAPADES. In this photo, you can just see the elves, but the kids DID do writing after they made their elves; I just did not take a photo of them. :)

4.  We made these cute gingerbread pinning shapes that you can find HERE.  They look so cute in the window when the sun is shining... It isn't really shining in these photos!

5.  The reindeer in the window is such a fun project to do. The kids love it and they get really excited to write about what their reindeer is seeing. Plus they look adorable lined up in the hallway. If you would like to have the step by steps for creating it, you can find them HERE.

So, that's it for now.... Take care and enjoy this special time with your kids...

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