A Glimpse Into our Winter Disiplay, A new Editable Winter Search the Room Game, and Five for Friday!

Hello Friends,

It's been too long since I have joined Kacey from Five for Friday! I'm excited to link up this week!

1. We are doing a "Helping One Another" combined kindergarten project/display for our winter hallway display. It's not done yet, but here is a glimpse into what we have done so far.....

These adorable houses were created by my kindergarten partner, Lea. She is making the "We Can Help in Our Community" part of our display. These houses are simply construction paper, tissue boxes, and TP rolls. She asked them to label them... You can see the one that says "This is a house."

2.  My part is about how kids can help our world.... Here is the beginning of our display.....

3.  Our kinder kids are performing a circus; as is the tradition in our school. We ask for donations at the door for our performance and then give the money away to a cause. This year, we are giving our donations to "God's Littlest Angels" orphanage in Haiti. Here are a few photos of the cute circus characters my kiddos made for our display.

4.  Being able to edit teaching resources is becoming quite a thing in the education world. I created this resource for my kiddos and they LOVED it! I also love it because it is editable; which means that I can change the focus of the cards without having to create a new picture card. I have used this for sight word matching, matching numbers and number words, and this week I am going to type a question on the picture card and then type the answer on the recording sheet. I love doing activities like this because it gets my kiddos up and moving.   This is a WINTER version. I will be starting a SPRING version soon! :) You can find the link for the resource HERE.

5.  Finally...... What a mild winter we are having! Here is a photo out our front door. Look at the green grass..... Wow, it looks like spring! What a difference from last year!

 Until next time, my friends!

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  1. Being a teacher, I love looking through blogs. I wanted to share a new children's book I read to my class. It's called "Cooking With Mr. C." by John Contratti. It's a sweet story with a beautiful message. I'm telling all my teacher friends about it. I got it through Mascot Books and my friends ordered it through Amazon. (She does everything through Amazon.) :) Elaine