Tooth Fairy Writing and some Seuss inspired Word family projects

Hello Friends,
We are having a great time leaning how to be healthy kids. This week, we talked about dental health. After the "hard facts" of how to keep our teeth shiny and bright, we did a short directed drawing and writing activity with the tooth fairy. They turned out adorable! That is the cool thing about directed drawing; every single project turns out differently. Click HERE for a free download from Angie Neal on TPT.

We also did some fun Seuss products. These were totally inspired by Stacy in Glued to My Crafts. You can find her awesome ideas HERE. We read the books and the kids created the craft based on the book.  They then attached labels to their paper. They wrote 4 word family words upon the labels. You better believe that after they did these projects, they gained a great idea for how word families work! The other cool thing is that after we read all these Dr. Seuss books, they took out the books and were reading them by themselves! Yay! Mission accomplished!

 Until next time!


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