Using Everyday Items in the Classroom to Use as Shape Templates for Projects

Hello Friends,

I love giving my students freedom to create. I seldom give them templates because I absolutely do NOT enjoy cutting all those little pieces for them to trace around. We usually discuss how to draw the shapes that are needed to make a particular craft or project. Sometimes, though, they want a particular shape and just cannot seem to get it to be the size or shape that they want.

 I DO understand that sometimes we need to trace around a shape in order for our project to look the way that we want it to look. So, instead of giving my students tracers, I teach them to search around the classroom for items that they can use to trace. You would be amazed at how many shapes your kiddos can find.

Here is a fun "search the room for shapes" activity for you to do with your students to get them used to finding shapes in the room in which to trace.  You can download this idea as a Google doc by clicking the images below OR by clicking HERE.

(Please note that many school districts block outside sites. If this is true of your school, please download from home. If you receive a request for me to "allow access", that is probably what your school district does, because the settings for this freebie are set for unlimited access to anyone.)

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  1. Hi, Cindy, Thank you for these fun ideas to help the littles find shapes in their own classroom! Brilliant!
    I also loved reading your 'About Me' page! I love to spend lots of time in the garden too!

    Peggy @ Primary Flourish