Ocean Zones, Scuba Diver Craft Freebie

Hello Friends,
We finished our Ocean unit this past week. We do Ocean a little different from a "normal" kindergarten unit. We actually study the layers of the ocean starting with the seashore and going all the way down to the Midnight Zone. My kinders LOVE this unit! It has everything they love - mystery, excitement, sharks, whales, sea "monsters"..... It's a fun unit. As we study each ocean zone, the kids make a book; each page getting progressively darker to symbolize the light in each layer i.e. the seashore is light blue, the sunlit zone/open ocean is medium blue, the twilight zone is gray, and the midnight zone is black. Even though my kiddos live in the middle of corn and soybean country, they can tell you what lives in those ocean layers and that my friends is one of the reasons why I am a teacher!

Here are a few more photos....

 We  made these cute scuba diver crafts/ writing activity at the conclusion of our unit. We discussed the difference between snorkeling and scuba divers. We talked about what we would see if we went under the sea. They look really cute hanging in the halls!

I have this little freebie in my store that we used when we did this scuba diving activity. I plan to revise it this summer, but it still has everything you need to do it!


So that's it for now, my friends...

Until next time,