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Hello Friends,
I thought I would share a new resource that I have added to my TPT store. As you know, I LOVE teaching science to kids. Sometimes, though, it is hard to find the time to get my science lessons taught. As early education teachers, much of our curriculum is made up of literacy and math with little time for exploration. Don't get me wrong.... I think literacy and math are key components to an early childhood curriculum. But, I also feel that kids need experiences to explore and wonder. BUT, even though I make it a point to get science exploration into my kid's day, more often than not, something comes up during our science block and the experience is tabled for the next week or not done at all. Another problem I have had is that when I am writing the next week's lesson plans, I often forget where I put the directions for the science project I want to do and spend SO MUCH time re-writing something that I have already done and I become REALLY frustrated. So, this new resource is going to be awesome for ME (and I hope you, too) because everything is one spot and can be easily retrieved and implemented! Yay!

 In this ABC Science resource, there is an activity for every letter of the alphabet. Since this resource is based on the alphabet, it allows me to feel no "guilt" using literacy time to do a science activity because this CAN be my literacy activity for the day.

Most of the activities can be done in one day (although some might take two days).

All the activities listed in this resource have been tested by either me or a group of my kinders.  I have listed all supplies needed (except for common supplies like crayons and glue), so it will be easy to gather necessary supplies ahead of time.

Here is what is included in Part 1: A through M

 I am in the process of completing Part Two which includes N -Z. It will be at least a month before Part Two is finished. When it is uploaded, I will let you know. If you are not presently a follower of my store, you liked Part One, and want to be alerted as to when Part Two is uploaded, make sure you become a follower. :)

I have made alphabet letter "B" FREE. This is a chance for you to see if the format and activities are ones that would work in your weekly schedule. Click the image below to take you to the freebie.

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