Let's Make a Saint!

Hello Friends,

October and November are months when we think about saints in my Catholic school. I have been making paper saints with my kiddos for years and years. Throughout those years, I have worked to refine the project into something that is easy to create, but also educational and fun. FINALLY, I think I have a resource that will work for most early education Catholic school educators.

My students have been making these saints since mid-September. I now only have to show them an example and give them the materials that they need. They are usually able to complete them independently.... now...... When I first introduced them, we had to do them together step by step. Here are a few examples of student made saints...

I like to give my students a little information about the saints. There are MANY books and websites that can be used for information! I created a small poster for each saint with just a few facts about each one.

If you lack the time to create a paper saint, I have included coloring pages for each saint.

 If you are interested in this resource, you can find it by clicking the image below. One thing to note..... Because this project has been a work in progress for many years, I have made a few revisions to the labels and symbols since taking the photos. What that means is that the symbols you see in my blog photos might not match the ones provided in the resource.


So... that's it for now, my friends....

Until next