Looking for an easy Advent wreath for your kids to make?

Hello Friends,

 (I am revising this post since doing it with my kiddos.... A few suggestions I have.... first of all, it took a LONG time for my kiddos to color all the candles. Next year, I am going to print the candles and the wreath base upon colored paper rather than have them color everything.  This will save TONS  of time... 😉)

Well.... as usual, once Thanksgiving is over, the time flies for the next 4 weeks. I always have so many plans for the Advent/Christmas season and it never fails, Christmas break is here and we have only completed a few of our projects!

One project that I like to do with my kiddos is the creation of an Advent wreath. I have tried many different styles; some I have even shared here on my blog. BUT.... the problem has always been that they are either too messy, too complicated, or take too long. So, this year, I am going to try one that does not involve paint or hot glue! I thought I would share it with you; just in case YOU are looking for something less messy this year, too....

SUPPLIES: (for each student)

1.  Chinette Classic White 10 3/8 inch dinner plate
2.  Templates (found HERE)  
Please note: This document is set for PUBLIC sharing. If you get a message asking me to share this document with you, you are probably trying to download from your school network. Try downloading it on your personal/home network. Many schools block downloads from outside their network.)

3.  Purple, pink, and green crayon, marker, or paint
4.  Glue
5.  Clear tape
6.  4 wooden craft sticks
7.  Green tissue paper (optional)

Color the candle templates. They are all purple EXCEPT for JOY which is pink. Color the bottom under the dotted lines green.

 STEP 2:
Cut out the candles. Roll into a cylinder. Secure with clear tape.

Cut on the vertical lines from the bottom to the dotted lines. Fold the tabs on the dotted lines.

Color the circle template green. Cut out and glue to the bottom of the plate.

Place glue onto the bottom of the tabs. Place the candle upon the circles. Continue this way until all candles have been attached to the plate.

Color the holly leaves. Cut them out. Glue around the base of the candles.

Color the candle flames. Cut out four flames and attach to a craft stick. The sticks are placed inside each candle. They can be added to a candle for each Sunday in Advent.

 STEP 8: (optional)
Add rolled up pieces of green tissue paper to the edge of the plate.

There you have it! A not VERY messy Advent wreath. It IS a little messy if you add the tissue paper to the edge, but I like the look of it, so the mess is worth it!

Happy Advent, my friends!

Until next time,