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Using iPads to Create a Pumpkin Activity, Fall murals, and Pumpkin Patterning

Hello Friends,

It's been another crazy week (s). I cannot believe that the last week of the quarter is next week! How did that happen? Soon, we will be writing Thanksgiving plans. So crazy how fast time goes!

 We have been doing fall activities. Yesterday, I took my kids out to our school garden. I divided them into pairs and gave each pair an iPad. They took photos of different parts of the pumpkin plant; which by the way, is totally taking over the garden! They found huge leaves, vines, blossoms, little pumpkins, big pumpkins...all sorts of things..... I then took their photos, downloaded them onto my computer, projected them upon my Promethean board, and the kids decided which photos they wanted to keep and which ones they wanted to delete. I sent them to Walgreens to get prints. Today, they took the prints and sequenced them upon a poster. I was thinking that there are all kinds of things they could do with a project such as this... They could take photos of living and non-living things. They could do a scavenger hunt for objects that show the colors of the rainbow. They could take photos of insects that they see. All sorts of ideas are swirling through my head!

We did pumpkin investigations. I only got a few photos of the activities. It's so hard to take photos while trying to keep control and teach at the same time! This photo shows measuring the height of their pumpkin. They also measured circumference, investigated float/sink, and explored the inside of their pumpkin.

 When the investigation was over, they painted their pumpkins!

I know I post photos of our seasons murals every year, but every one is  different and I LOVE seeing them in the hallway!

 I still do patterns in kindergarten. We don't call them AABB or ABC patterns, but we DO create patterns. Here is a fun activity for the fall to do with patterns.

Finally.... These are my Fitbit stats for today. This is just teaching; no extra workouts. Isn't this just plain crazy? No wonder my feet kill me when I get home!

So that's it for now, my friends!

Until next time ...