A Winter Snowman Math Craftivity - Freebie

Hello Friends,

I thought that I would share with you a winter math project that is easy to do and requires little prep.

First, fold 12" x 18" blue construction paper lengthwise. Unfold. Tell children that they will be painting 2 snowmen; one on each side of the fold. My students used sponges to paint both the ground line and snowmen. Before they began painting, I told the kids to make sure that they left room for the words on the bottom of the paper.

They then added details with paint and scrapbook paper. After both snowmen were created, students  added buttons to each snowman. Each snowman must have a different amount of buttons. We used large sequins glued onto the wet paint with white glue for buttons.

When each snowman was finished, they completed the math sheet and glued to the bottom of the paper.

Click HERE for the words.

Until next time!