Having Fun with the Circus and Creating a Community Map from Boxes

Oh my friends.... It has been too long...... I have no real excuse except that January is such a busy month for us. We perform a circus every year for charity. This year, our kids earned over $1,000! We are giving the money to a local organization here in our community that feeds needy kids on the weekend. We are so excited to be able to help them!

I thought that I would share some of the photos from our circus. We started practice when the kids returned from Christmas break. We practiced every day until our dress rehearsal on January 31. Our performance was on February 2. We had a packed house! Our kids have a circus parade through the school halls and we end up in our multi-purpose room at the other end of the school. We raise our money by collecting donations from the school kids as we progress through the halls in our circus parade. The parents (and friends) who watch our performance donate money.

The kids also make a representation of themselves that we display in our hallway. I love how colorful our halls look!

This year, our kiddos created a community using boxes and paper. I love it! We lay a long piece of bulletin board paper down the middle of our hallway. The kids add details with paper - roads, sidewalks, lakes.

You can find the script for the circus HERE. 

 Until next time!