The Great Bubble Challenge - A Fun Idea for Exploring Surface Tension in the Classroom or at Home!

Hello Friends,

I am not teaching summer school this year, but I know that some of you are, so I thought that I would share this little science freebie.  I did this with my kinders in the classroom last year.... I actually would NOT suggest doing that, though! LOL.... Our classroom floors got super slippery. It is sooo much more fun to do the activities outside.

 You need bubble solution, different types of liquid soaps, glycerin (or corn syrup) and a small container such as a muffin pan.

Take your kiddos outside and give them commercial bubble solutions. Have races and see whose bubble can survive the longest.

Next, give your students different kinds of liquid soap and let them explore mixing them. I give my students mini erasers to put into each section of a muffin pan. This helps them remember which solution is which when they are testing out their solutions i.e. "The solution in the watermelon section lasted longer than the one with the pineapple."

You can also give your students different types of wands to see if they make a difference in how long a bubble can last without popping.

Click the image below to take you to the freebie in my TPT store. Enjoy!

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