A Simple Allergen Free Modeling Dough for the Kindergarten Classroom

Hello Friends,

As we all know, modeling dough is a staple in kindergarten learning centers. Right??? So many awesome things happen in the dough center, so when you find out that you have a little one in your class that has an allergy to the wheat that is used in commercial Play-Doh, you have a bit of a panic attack!

BUT.... the most wonderful thing about the parents of kids with allergies is that they almost always have a solution for you! My little guy this year has allergies to these foods: wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, and dairy. You would never know it, though... he is a strong, healthy young boy. I attribute this to his proactive parents who are on top of everything that will keep their son safe, but also allow him to participate in normal kid activities.

So... enter the solution given to me by my little guy's Mom - this SUPER modeling dough recipe! No cooking, only two ingredients, and easy to make. It smells wonderful, is soft and pliable, and lasts!
It is made from corn starch and hair conditioner. That's it! It was so fun listening to my little ones discuss what they thought was in it and that "it smells so good!". This is a fun, fun modeling dough and I highly recommend it....

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