The Parts of an Apple Tree craft

Hello Friends,

We just finished our apple tree unit and I thought that I would share with you a fun craft that we did. After doing this craft, my kinders were certainly able to identify the parts of an apple tree and tell me their function.
I wanted this craft to be BIG, so we used 12" x 18" pieces of construction paper. It absolutely can be done in a smaller version!

My kiddos spread throughout the classroom to create these trees.

I hung an anchor chart in the classroom to use as a reference.

I created a resource that I used as a springboard for discussion of the parts of the apple tree. I used BASIC facts. For example, I know that the function of the branches is more than allowing the tree to "stretch" and gather sunlight. This is a simple way to begin. They will have plenty of years to build on this foundational knowledge.

You can find these pages and the labels for the apple craft in my TPT store OR simply make the project yourself!

Until next time!