Six Pumpkin Math Games for Kindergarten

Hello Friends,
I love doing these six math games with my students during our Pumpkin week!

These six games do require some printing, but if you are limited on printing in color, they can be printed in grayscale and still work well for your kiddos. I like to add a board game format to my math tubs every few weeks. Kids have such busy lives these days with limited time to play board games. It's a wonderful educational experience for them to use their patience and sharing skills when playing a simple board game.

In this "Pumpkin Happy" board game, students toss dice to move along the game board. As they move, they are collecting pumpkins. The winner is the player who collects the most pumpkins; not necessarily the one that gets to the end first. There are pumpkins included in the resource that can be printed for kids to collect.

I found these cute mini pumpkins and pumpkin erasers. My kiddos use these instead of the pumpkin cutouts. Both work great!

 My kids love playing "Bump." I include this game in some style often. It's great for subitizing and learning to have patience when playing a game.

Recognizing numbers in a ten frame is an important component of kindergarten math. In this center, kids are asked to record the number, number word, and numbers in a ten frame.

 This game can be played as partners or individually.

 The last game is another subitizing one. Students toss a dice, find a space that shows that number, and colors it exactly the same as the card. This is also great for visual discrimination practice.

You can find these games in my TPT store by clicking the image below.

Until next time!