Veteran's Day Craft and Book for Kids

Hello Friends,
It will soon be November 11 and in the United States, that means Veteran's Day. In my school, we do not take the day off. Instead, we honor our local veterans with a special program and each class is asked to do something specific to Veteran's Day. I like to make this Veteran's Day craft and book with my kiddos. The inner pages are simply coloring pages that are stapled inside the cover.

As with most of our paper and cutting projects, our tables are a mess during the creative process!

Each book cover turns out a little differently.

 I like doing simple projects like these every so often. They can be finished in a day, taken home, and shared with families. Some of my past students have learned about uncles, aunts, or grandparents who are veterans simply by bringing home this craft. What a great way to open up a family discussion!

Until next time, my friends...