Valentine Directed Drawing - Heart Hen Freebie

Hello Friends,

I am not sure about you, but Valentine's Day ALWAYS creeps up on me and before I know it, it is here and I cannot believe it is the middle of February! If you ARE like me, you are scrambling to come up with something "Valentiney" that is quick and easy to prepare. That is why I love putting these heart animal directed drawing mats into a literacy center. My students can choose to create their heart animal from paper and then glue their shapes onto their writing paper OR they can follow the steps with pencil and use crayons, marker, or paint to add color. The only rule is that they must add hearts to their animal in some way. Voila! Quick, easy, and fun!

If you would like to try this Heart Hen directed drawing activity, you can click the image below.

Until next time!