Draw, Cut, Create Animals - Farm, Forest, and Pets PAPER CUTTING!

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If you follow my blog, you know that I love to do paper cutting with my students. I also love directed drawing, but paper cutting is my first love. Through my years as a kindergarten teacher, I have found that when kids create something with paper, scissors, and glue, the knowledge that I want them to retain sticks in their heads.

A resource that needed a HUGE make-over was my DRAW, CUT, CREATE Farm, Forest, and Pets - Paper Cutting. The original product had a literacy component included. But, when reviewing this product, I felt that the literacy part seemed to be an "add-on"; not necessarily something that was needed. So, I removed those pages and allowed this resource to simply be a paper cutting one.

I place these posters in my writing center. After printing and laminating the pages, I 3-hole punch the pages and put them inside a binder. I teach my students how to open the binder, remove the page that they want to use, and then replace it in the binder when they are finished.  The binder stays in the Writing Center. When my students are looking for an idea, they can go to the binder, choose a step-by-step poster and create.

Students trace their shapes upon colored paper, cut them out, and then use glue to put the shapes together to create the animal.

There are so many ways to use these step-by-step posters. One way is to illustrate a pre-printed page.

Another way is to create classroom murals.

 I love to put these in a center. My students  pick an animal, create it, and then they can write about it or create a puppet.

I have this resource available in my TPT store.

If you click the image below it will take you to the resource AND if you download the preview, you will find this FREE DOG POSTER in the download.


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Looking For Leprechaun Trap Ideas? Check Here for a Few Ideas!

Hello Friends!

My kiddos have been creating leprechaun traps for quite a few years. I love this project and will often combine it with a "How To"  writing project. I thought it might be fun (and helpful) to display some of the leprechaun traps my students have created over the years. Some are complicated and some are very, very easy! I tell my students that leprechauns love things that are shiny and do exactly the opposite of what you tell them. That is the reason for some of the sayings on the signs! At the end of this post, you will find a link to a Google doc if you would like a simple writing activity for this project.

 If you would like the writing activity, click the image below to take you to a Google doc.

 If you have difficulty opening this Google doc, click HERE for a tutorial that might help. 

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