Ocean Writing and Crayon Resist Art for Kindergarten

Hello Friends,

I am doing a bit of teacher bragging in this post.

Teaching writing has ALWAYS been a challenge for me. Especially at the beginning of the year when many of my kinders have not mastered all their letter sounds. So, I start with teaching my kiddos to write a story with their drawing. I use a lot of directed drawing and step by step drawing techniques. My kids have always caught on to using this type of learning and it is such an amazing way to start learning to write a story.

As the year progresses, my kids become exposed to proper sentence composition - adding capital letters at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end. We discuss adding details to our sentences to make them interesting. By May, I expect each one of my students to write at least 3 sentences that make sense, have spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning, and a punctuation mark at the end. Of course, some of my littles write more than 3 sentences, but the minimum requirement is three.

So..... here comes my brag. Our last unit was the Ocean. My students created a crayon resist picture of the ocean during one of their centers. The next day they wrote about their picture. Oh my goodness.... I am so proud of them. This project made my teacher heart flutter! If you would like the template for writing, you can click HERE.  (Remember... if you get a message asking me to share this document with you, try to download away from your school network. Many schools will not let their teachers download from a site that is not included in their network.) 

Here are a few examples of their work:
The drawings that they created were done by looking at step by step drawing books or simply drawn from their own amazing minds. I did not give them templates or tracers.

 Until next time!