Back to School Freebies - Ice Breaker cards, Number Match, Write the Room, and STEM

Hello Friends,

It's back to school time and I thought that I would share a few freebies that might be useful for your Back to School set up.

I use this resource EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Using these Yes and No question cards are such a fun icebreaker to use for those first few days of school.

There are 32 cards that can be used for an ice breaker game or discussion partners. Here are a few samples of the questions.

These cards can be hung up in the classroom for a large group game. When a question is asked, children simple go to the "Yes" or "No" card sorting themselves into two groups.

This is a Math game that I created a few years ago. It's an easy Apple Matching game.

 I love Write the Room! I use it every week and my kiddos love searching the room for words. This resource is a free sample of my EDITABLE Write the Room resources.

My kids really enjoy doing STEM activities. The problem that I have always had is trying to fit it in into my very busy day. This resource is a free sample of my (Mostly) One Hour STEM activities for little kids. In this freebie, kids learn about the scientific method through bubble exploration and they SHOULD be finished in an hour.

So,  that's it for now. I hope that you can find something in these free resources that will help make the beginning of school easier!

Until next time!