The Wonderful World of Caterpillars and Butterflies - Let's Make a Field Guide

Hello Friends,

We revisited our butterfly unit this week. We watch Monarch caterpillars grow in the fall, but in the spring, it is fun to review the process since so much new growth happens in the spring.

We began our week reviewing the life cycle of the butterfly. Then we concentrate highly on the amazing life of the caterpillar. We discuss their amazing camouflage abilities. The kids do a short recording sheet on a few ways that caterpillars protect themselves from predators.

We also discuss how butterflies use their wings.

The kids also create a butterfly field guide. I wanted them to draw both the caterpillar and butterfly in their guide since the spring is when they might see a caterpillar rather than a butterfly.

The last activity that we did was understanding that the wings of butterflies are made from tiny colored scales. To demonstrate this, my kinders took crayons to color one side of the butterfly body. They then cut tiny pieces of colored paper to create scales using the same pattern as their crayon side.

So that's it for now, friends!

You can find my Caterpillars and Butterflies unit by clicking the image below.
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  1. Hi Cindy, It's been a while since I stopped by. Glad to see this unit. We do butterflies as a first science subject in the fall, actually, when we bring monarch caterpillars in to watch the change. Your unit has a few new ideas so I put it in my cart for the next TPT sale, since I don't need it until September. Now I'm going to cruise around your blog to check out what else you've been up to. Nice seeing you! Kathleen

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    I am so glad that you stopped by! Blogging has been a challenge for me this year - just so much going on - so, I am glad to know that you enjoyed this latest blog post since it has been awhile since I have written one.

    We do butterflies in the fall, too. We grow and watch Monarch caterpillars morph into butterflies. But, we do the pond habitat in the spring, so we thought it would be nice to revisit butterflies and concentrate on things other than their life cycle.

    Thanks again for your comment!