Hello My Friends!

Here are a couple of Advent wreaths. They are both made from paper plates that are painted green. The difference is the way the candles are made. One is made with rolled up paper and the other is made with tissue paper that is glued upon paper cups. Both are decorated with green and red tissue paper.


Here's a Pope Francis craft. Click the image below to take you to my blog post where I shared the link.

Great link from Maria from Kindercraze teaching little ones about Good Deeds and Sacrifice.

Sign of the Cross Prayer Buddy....

This page is a work in progress... Please bear with me as I work to create a page that is user friendly and helpful!

Angels are God's Helpers.....

Lenten Cross craft...


  1. Hi! I teach K in a Catholic School too! : ) Hugs, sis! I am searching for a newsletter with a "Holy Week" you use one, or could you direct me where to grab or purchase? thanks!

    1. Hello!

      Hmmm...... I haven't seen a Holy Week newsletter..... I have a Passion of Jesus booklet in my store that kids can create, but it is not a newsletter, so it probably is not what you are looking for.

      Here is the link to my resource:

      Also, there are some really nice free things here... not sure if it has what you are looking for either, but here it is......

      Hopefully this might help????


    2. Here is another one from Maria Manore....

  2. I am so happy that I have come across this blog! I am also Kindergarten teacher in a Catholic School. I LOVE my job as well. Wouldn't change a thing!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas!