Leprechaun Drawing and Decomposition of Ten Math Activity


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In my last post, I wrote that we were in remote learning, but we have been in-person now since mid-January. As it is in all education in the United States, this has been a tough year - no matter how we are doing it...

I thought that I would share a math project that we did this week. They turned out adorable and my students had so much fun doing them them.

First, we drew a leprechaun together. The kids used pencil to draw and then outlined their drawing with black. After that, they used their crayons to color and add details. We did the drawing on 12" x 18" white construction paper that we folded in half. (Click here to find the directed drawing instructions on the website of First Grade Blue Skies.)  

They glued a black construction paper pot on the other side of the white paper. Using a white oil crayon, they drew a big oval upon the black pot. Each child received 10 pieces of "gold" that I had printed upon gold paper. The children were instructed to put some of the gold IN the pot and some of the gold OUT of the pot. Then they finished the equation and circled the number that showed which pieces were outside of the pot. 

This was a fun and easy way to show decomposition of the number ten.

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