Respect Activities - For Young Children

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One area that I feel is so valuable these first few weeks of school is setting the foundation for respect in the classroom. When my kinders come to school for the first time, everything is new and exciting for them, but it can also be overwhelming. Even though many of them come from a preschool or daycare setting, coming into a BIG school for the first time with new faces and places can be a bit scary. Teaching kids respect for each other, their classroom, and the school creates an environment of trust and kindness.

Before beginning our discussion of respecting the space of others, I allow the children the opportunity to blow bubbles. We look at how bubbles can float along without popping, but when you touch them, they pop!

 We discuss how we can pretend that everyone is surrounded by an invisible bubble. When we keep our bodies to ourselves, we all can all "float along" like bubbles without hurting the people around us. But when we touch someone inappropriately, we can pop their bubble and we do not want to do that.

 Using bubbles as a way to understand how to get along is a great discussion starter for how to use respect in other classroom activities.

 We discuss ways to line up that do not pop the bubbles of others.

We also discuss how to sit on the carpet. We start with "criss cross applesauce", but as the year progresses, we talk about other ways that we can sit without breaking someone's bubble.

Another important area of respect is how to control our bodies when we are angry. I read two books to my students to discuss anger. They are "When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Angry" and " Lily's Purple Plastic Purse."
 After our discussion, we do a craftivity to reinforce the concepts in each book.

 We discuss steps to help us control our anger with respect.

We also do "What would you do" questions and role play to help us understand what to do in situations that might be upsetting or unclear.

We certainly do not do all these activities at one time! We revisit respect often throughout the year and will do the activities that build on that knowledge. Teaching kids to respect each other and their environment takes time, but is worth it when you see your students being respectful towards each other and their environment!

You can find my RESPECT resource by clicking the image below.

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