Butterfly Writing and Flower Gardens

This morning when I arrived at school, I looked at our pretty butterfly projects in the hall and they made me smile! So I thought I would share this project with you!
The first thing the children did was follow step-by-step illustrations for creating a flower garden. I put this in a literacy center because I am a firm believer that this type of activity reinforces sequencing! They were given 2 small paper butterfly outlines that they decorated in a mosaic form using tiny paper squares. When their picture was complete, they wrote about their butterfly garden. I love this time of year when everything that we have been doing comes together! Their stories are so fun to read and I am so proud of them!
Here is a link to a freebie in my TPT store that my students used to make their flowers. And here is the link to the Butterfly writing papers!


  1. The project is beautiful and I am pinning the picture! Wow--I am impressed with your kinders' writing!

    We are enjoying the butterfly/insect theme this week, too. :-)

  2. Thanks! This was one of those "2:00 AM" ideas that came to my brain a few weeks ago! I am glad that you enjoyed it and hope that your students enjoy it, too! Cindy