Monday, December 15, 2014

Easy Tissue Paper Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments Using a Laminator

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I wrote a post on Blog Hoppin about how to create these tissue paper stained glass ornaments using a laminator. Click the image above to take you there!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent wreaths, elves, generosity bulletin board, and Please......... Mr. Sun - Return to Central Illinois!

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Doesn't December just fly by? I cannot believe that we only have 2 weeks before Christmas break! Besides the busy things to do at school, there are also many things to do at home! Whew - My co-teacher and I keep telling each other... "One thing at a time. Don't get stressed. It will all get done..... " So... anyway, here are a few things going on in my classroom.......

1.  I LOVE this bulletin board! It is in our main hallway and is so welcoming as we walk into the school. In our school, each grade level takes a month and does this bulletin board. Kindergarten had December. All our kinders colored a gift and added a paper heart to it. There's something about kindergarten work...... no matter what they do, it always adorable! The gifts are from Graphics From the Pond. You can find them HERE.

 2.  Do you make Advent wreaths with your students or your kids? I have been making them with my kiddos for years. This year, my kids used a glue wash to add tissue paper to paper cups turned upside down and hot glued to the top of a Chinette paper plate. Before attaching the cups, my kinders painted the plate. They used green tissue paper to add to the outside edge. The pictures do not really show how cute they turned out!

 3.  We visited the Netherlands on our Christmas Around the World trip! These little wooden shoes turned out cute! 

4.  Our Kindness Elves arrived yesterday! I can't wait for them to visit our classroom next week. My kiddos definitely need a jolt of kindness! I am using Erica Bohrer's kindness notes. You can find them HERE

5.  Finally....... An Open Letter to the Sun...... Dear Mr. Sun, I miss you.... When are you going to return to Central Illinois? I am a happy person when you are around... Please return, Mr. Sun..... These cloudy days are not fun!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let Me Show You What I Bought!

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I love sales on TPT! I ALWAYS, always find something that I need and it is so much fun to purchase things that I can implement the next day if I want to - hurray!

So let me share with you some of the things I bought...... (I am sure that I will be adding to this today when I get home after school!)

Let me start with clip art! Cannot WAIT to use these cute, cute packages!
I love The Printable Princess resources! Here is the one I purchased yesterday....

And finally, I can never go wrong with resources from Deanna........

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Monday, December 1, 2014

First Day of Christmas Around the World and our Cookie Math Tub Games

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We started our Christmas Around the World unit today and I just had to share these really cute suitcase pages that my kiddos did....... We discussed the things that we need to pack when we take a trip. We talked about what we NEED compared to what we WANT. We discussed why we USUALLY do not have to bring our dishes or food with us; although, many of my kinders insisted that food was important because their Mommies usually bring snacks in their bags when they are traveling! So, I told them that we would focus on what goes in the SUITCASE; not the travel bag!
I gave my kinders the choice as to whether they used a pattern to trace around to make their clothes or use their own ideas. Most of them chose to use a tracer..... Even though I usually do not give many patterns, I did for this one because clothes actually are hard to draw....

Tomorrow, we talk about passports and hopefully, head off to the Netherlands!

Here is what we are doing for Math tubs this week... I have 4 groups and my kids are grouped into partners within their group. Each partner pair plays the Math game inside the tub and then they are allowed to choose a Math By Myself box....

1.  What is that number? My kiddos sorted cookie cards printed with different ways to write a number (tally marks, tens/ones, ten frames, dot on dice) into their proper cookie jars.

 2.  Cookie Bump - An oldie, but goodie favorite with a cookie theme!

3.  Cookies and Milk, Yum, yum, yum...... My kiddos collect cookie tokens as they use a spinner that shows various ways to read numbers from 1 - 5.

 4.  This is another oldie, but goodie.... 5 in a Row Wins! These cards show numbers in various styles and my kiddos toss a die to look for numbers on their card. 

 Hope you had a good day back after Thanksgiving break! My kiddos were amazing today!

Don't forget the Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale on TPT today and tomorrow!!
Click the image below to hop over to find my friends on Blog Hoppin' who also have stores on sale!

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Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale on TPT and Some Revised and New Resources

Hello Friends!

TPT is having a Cyber sale today (Monday)  and tomorrow (Tuesday) on December 1 and 2. Yay! With the 20% discount on my store and TPT's discount, you can receive up to 28% off.  Don't forget to use the promo code TPTCYBER!

I finished a few new resources........

     This is a Let's Make a Book resource. I have been using this product with my students for YEARS, but just recently got it "TPT" ready! I am pretty proud of it and plan to start it today with my students. One thing that I have been doing with my kiddos for years is the making of a 3D Nativity. I have included instructions and photographs of this as well as a full color teacher read aloud. It is based on the CHARACTERS in the Christmas story. Children create their own student booklet.

2.  HOW SWEET IT IS! Four Math Subitizing Games
      I have this one printed and laminated and ready to use for my Math tubs this week.  I have had this cookie clip art for a long time and FINALLY made something with it! There are 4 games in this resource that are based on getting kids to instantly recognize numbers and number patterns i.e. subitizing.

3.  Finally, I revised my Christmas Around the World resource. I added some more pages, replaced some clip art, and changed some borders. If you purchased this resource, please make sure that you re-download!

I hope you enjoy the TPT Cyber Sale! Don't forget to hop on over to Blog Hoppin to find some really amazing TPT stores that are also on sale!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

T is for Thanksgiving Traditions.........

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I am linking up with my Blog Hoppin' friends for some Thanksgiving reflections. Today is 'T" for TRADITIONS. We have so many traditions in my family and since I cannot really share them all,  I thought I would narrow it down to the our Thanksgiving Day tradition....
My Mom continues to create, cook, and serve Thanksgiving dinner. She starts preparing after Halloween and keeps going until Thanksgiving Day. She is amazing and I can only hope to be half the person she is as I continue onward in my life journey!

Long before my kids were even born, my Mom started the tradition of having her grandchildren decorate gingerbread houses; not the milk cartons and graham cracker ones, but REAL gingerbread houses. She bakes the dough, forms it into house shapes, and then hot glues the pieces together to make a house. She makes the icing, too!
She started this to keep the kids occupied while they were waiting on dinner to cook. It has continued to be a tradition to this day. I KNOW that the gingerbread house forms are waiting to be decorated because she told me she finished them last week!

Here are a few cute picture of our gingerbread house making through the years...... I could not find all of them.... sigh..... Facebook, where were you 20 years ago? :)



Finally, not a Thanksgiving tradition, but a silly one that my husband started years ago is the wearing of the birthday crown! It doesn't matter who you are or how much you do NOT want to wear the crown, it is part of being a member of our family that you MUST wear the crown on your birthday! Once again, I could not find ALL the birthday pictures that I have taken throughout the years with the crown, but here are the few that I DID find! We still have that crown!

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