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Looking For Leprechaun Trap Ideas? Check Here for a Few Ideas!

Hello Friends!

My kiddos have been creating leprechaun traps for quite a few years. I love this project and will often combine it with a "How To"  writing project. I thought it might be fun (and helpful) to display some of the leprechaun traps my students have created over the years. Some are complicated and some are very, very easy! I tell my students that leprechauns love things that are shiny and do exactly the opposite of what you tell them. That is the reason for some of the sayings on the signs! At the end of this post, you will find a link to a Google doc if you would like a simple writing activity for this project.

 If you would like the writing activity, click the image below to take you to a Google doc.

 If you have difficulty opening this Google doc, click HERE for a tutorial that might help. 

Until next time!


A Newly designed Blog and a TPT sale all wrapped up into One Big Celebration!

Hello Friends,
First of all, I want to thank Michelle, from the 3 AM teacher for the make over of my blog. I am head over heels in love with the design and cannot give Michelle enough thanks! I just love those 2 little kids up there - their faces could not be any cuter! :)

Secondly, I want to share with you that I will be having a sale in my store starting on February 25 and ending on Thursday, February 26. My discount will be 20% and with the site wide sale percentage of 10% on TPT, you can save up to 28%. Don't forget to use the promo code: HEROES. So happy that my newly re-designed blog coincides with the site-wide sale! Woo hoo!

 Click the image above to take you to my store! Happy shopping everyone!

Until next time!


Bright Ideas for Snowy Days

Hello Friends,

I am linking up with Bright Ideas with a few snowy day ideas... .especially since so many of us are experiencing more snow than usual this winter! :)

One of my favorite ideas is to bundle up my kiddos, give them a black piece of construction paper, and bring them outside when the snow is falling. The snowflakes fall on the paper and the kids can see their shapes! It is so much fun listening to their astonishment when seeing that snowflakes really do look like the paper ones they make in the classroom!

When you bring them back to the classroom, give them white paper to create paper snowflakes and then write about what they observed and learned about snowflakes.

Another fun and easy snow activity is to scoop up bowls of snow, give your kiddos a thermometer, and let them watch the temperature drop!

Here are a few cute snowy day crafts to do....

Snowy day neighborhood using construction paper and white paint.

Snowy day kids using construction paper, shaving cream and glue, and diamond dust glitter!

Patchwork snowman using construction paper, buttons, fabric scraps, and white paint.

Spring will be here soon, my friends, but while you are waiting, have some snowy day fun!

For more Bright Ideas, browse through the link ups below and find a topic that interests you!

Quick Valentine (Love) Writing Activity - Freebie

Hello Friends!

I know that we celebrated Valentine's Day last week and are well on our way to other things, but I thought I would still share this quick and easy Valentine/Love writing activity. 

I printed the writing sheet and stapled it to white construction paper. I then told my kiddos that they were to SKETCH at least 4 things on the other side of the paper that either had hearts on them OR were something that they love. After sketching their pictures, they were then to write at least 4 sentences that told about their picture. I always love this time of year because I start to see so much progress in their learning! 

 This little guy is one of my ESL kiddos and I am so proud of what he can do! Even though he wrote the word see as "c", you can tell that he is getting the idea! His sentences match his picture and he has periods at the end of each sentence! Yay! (I will admit that he had my Thursday helper sitting with him, but still... this is great, I think!)

If you would like to try this simple little writing activity, click HERE to download a Google doc.

If you trouble opening the Google Doc, click HERE for a tutorial that may help you open it!

Until next time!


Lent For Little Kids and an Ash Wednesday Freebie

Hi Friends,

For all my Catholic/Christian School friends, you know that Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday and we begin the long season of Lent. I used to dread teaching Lent to my kiddos because  the material that I could find was above their understanding. There is some really good Catholic/Christian material in the world, but just not enough for little kids. So, I began writing my own material and am just now getting my act together to get it published. I am constantly in the process of revision, so if there is anything that you wish could be added to my packets OR you would like written, please let me know and I will see what I can do! Presently, I have a "Miracles of Jesus" and "Parables of Jesus" on the drawing board and am getting close to publishing them.  If you click HERE, you can find what I presently have published.

I published my "Lent For Little Kids" resource last year and just finished a revision on it this week. 
Because little ones are focused on the alphabet, it is based on the letters in the word LENT. The letter "E" was the hardest, of course, to find a Catholic/Christian match, so I took a bit of poetic license and said that "E" stands for the EUCHARIST; It is EVERYTHING. Not perfect, but it works!

Here is an example of  "T" in the teacher book and the illustrations that the kids do in their book. 

I have an Ash Wednesday freebie on a Google doc that you can find HERE

 If you would like the entire LENT packet, you can find it at my TPT store by clicking the link below.
I also revised my "The Passion of Jesus" resource. In this packet, children create a half-sized booklet of the events that led to the resurrection of Jesus; all written in terms that little ones can understand. I do not provide any scriptural reference in my religious packets because of all the varied versions of the Bible. My resources are a SUPPLEMENT to your present religion curriculum. 

You can find "The Passion of Jesus" packet in my TPT store by clicking the image below.

So, now my friends.... Enjoy those sweets because Lent will be here soon!

Until next time!