Flower Fun!

On these last few days of school, we have been learning about flowers! I thought this would be a good end of year activity since I am sure my little kiddos will be seeing flowers all summer on their trips to the park and around the neighborhood.  So we began by reading "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert. After reading the story, we discussed the different types of flowers. We looked at colors, leaves, and shapes.  I then passed out the student booklet "In My Garden" and the children illustrated their own booklet. They wrote the color word of the flower on each page and created the flower from paper following step-by-step illustrations. What fun we had AND the children learned some flower identification as well as practicing their reading and writing color  words! If we had lots of time, I would take them out on a walk and we would sketch the flowers that we see around the school property. But unfortunately, we will have no time for that in our crowded last 3 days of school!



We also did a little math measuring with Unifix cubes. This activity is not my original idea. I think that I got it from Kim Adsit, but I just revised it a little so that my kinders could do it independently!
  If you would like to do these activities, click here and you will find the packet in my TPT store - it's free!

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