A Fun Ocean Scuba Diver Freebie Project

My students did this fun scuba diver project at the end of school and I have been meaning to post it and am just now getting around to it!

Anyway, we did this at the end of our Ocean unit. After discussing the ocean and its many inhabitants, we talked about the ways that people learn about the ocean. Of course, there are many ways, but the two that we discussed in depth were scuba diving and snorkeling. We talked about how scuba divers wear a special suit and they have to bring their air with them because they are going under the water where you need gills to breathe and people have lungs! We talked about how the flippers that scuba divers put on their feet copy those of many water animals. The flaps between their toes allow them to swim much swifter and more smoothly through the water. We compared scuba diving to snorkeling and discussed the differences. Many of my students were familiar with snorkeling gear which is interesting since we live in the middle of corn and bean country here!

Each child created themselves as a scuba diver. Actually it looks more like a snorkeler, but we called it a scuba diver! I showed the kids a picture of a girl swimming underwater and how her hair goes up. So when they made their portrait, they made their hair going up, too! We discussed what they would see in the ocean and they drew pictures and wrote about it. Click on the picture to take you to the free product in my TPT store if you would like it!


  1. They did a great job on this-they are so cute!

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  3. Thanks, Teacher Mom! I have received this award before; I just have not listed it on my side bar. I guess I need to do that! :) It warms my heart to hear from other kinder teachers that you enjoy my little blog!