Snowman Math and Literacy Projects

I thought I would share a few projects that my kinders did this week...

Here is a math activity .....  I am not taking credit for this idea, but I honestly do not know where it came from! My co-partner found it in her Winter folder and she cannot remember where it came from either!! So here it is (and if it is your idea, thank you!).........

We have been talking about MORE and LESS. The children made 2 snowmen. The direction was to put buttons on each snowman. One snowman was to have MORE buttons than the other one. After creating their snowmen and buttons, they filled out the recording sheet. Here are some examples:
If you would like the words for this project, click the image below.

 I am SOOOOOO proud of how far my little kinders have come in their writing!! Woo hoo! Granted it takes TONS of time for them to write a sentence, but their ideas are good, they are trying to leave spaces between words, AND I can figure out what they have written! The examples here are from the Snow Fun freebie that I offered in an earlier post. You can find that freebie HERE.
The story starter was: What did the snowman do AFTER the bunny ate his carrot nose?

Have a wonderful rest of the week! Peace and blessings, Cindy


  1. I just love to see the progress in Kindergarten writing. Their drawings are always adorable too! :)

    Granny Goes to School

  2. I know!!!! Watching their development is such a wonderful experience! I love teaching kindergarten!

  3. Hi
    I found your project on Pinterest and featured it on my Friday Finds today. I hope you don't mind. The project is so cute.

    The Very Busy Kindergarten

  4. Thank you Sue! I don't mind at all that you featured my idea! I will jump on over to your blog and see what other Friday Finds you found! Thanks! Cindy

  5. Love the snowmen and button activity! So fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Just stumbled across your page....Love it! I'm new to kindergarten this year....always searching for ideas. Love yours! I will be visiting your page often!

    Julie Lewis
    Krazy for Kindergarten

  7. Great job with the writing!! Woohoo!! I love seeing other kindergarten writing. They come sooo far in such a short amount of time!

    Lauren C

  8. Thanks, Lauren! Watching the growth in writing is one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by! Cindy